Crowned Heads Announces Juarez Shots XX

Crowned Heads to Ship Juarez Shots XX in February

Today, Crowned Heads announced a new limited extension to the Juarez brand: the Juarez Shots XX. The “XX” is a nod to 2020. The Juarez Shots XX will be a petite robusto (4″ x 50″) vitola.  They will come in cabinet boxes of 50, with only 500 boxes made, for a  total of 25,000 cigars. They are set to begin shipping in February. The MSRP for the Juarez Shots XX is $5.45 per cigar. The Juarez line of cigars is produced at Tabacalera Pichardo in Estili, Nicuragua, under the supervision of Master Blender Don Eradio Pichardo.

This limited extension will be the first LE for the Juarez brand. This release also serves as the first small cigar release for Crowned Heads, in four years. Of this release, Jon Huber says, “In 2015 we released Jericho Hill Shots and followed that up in 2016 with La Imperiosa Minutos. Both of those releases were  created specifically to address the need for short, quick smokes for winter months. The reception we’ve received on Juarez since we released it last Summer has been amazing, and I think existing Juarez fans are going to clamor for this little flavor bomb, while enthusiasts who’ve yet to try the blend will have a new point of entry to the brand.” 

The name of Juarez Shots XX, as with the 2015 release of Jericho Hill Shots, is inspired by the Johnny Cash version of, “Cocaine Blues” from the album, At Folsom Prison

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  1. Nice! The Juarez is a solid cigar for the price point. Might have to look more into this limited run.

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