Crowned Heads Announces Juarez Shots XX

Crowned Heads to Ship Juarez Shots XX in February Today, Crowned Heads announced a new limited extension to the Juarez brand: the Juarez Shots XX. The “XX” is a nod to 2020. The Juarez Shots XX will be a petite robusto (4″ x 50″) vitola. ¬†They will come in cabinet boxes of 50, with only…

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Episode 17: AMA/Virtual Cut&Light with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads Cigars

Jon Huber from Crowned Heads cigars joins James and some of the members from simplystogies.club for an AMA. Jon discusses his cigar journey, how he got started in the business, and where he sees the future of the business. Jon also talks about what inspires him and finding the reason for cigars to exist. We…

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