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Episode 50: Sitting Down with Sean David of David’s Fine Tobaccos

I sit down with the third generation owner of David’s Fine Tobaccos in Clive, Iowa, Sean David. Sean and I discuss a wide range of topics that both his customers and cigar aficionados and enthusiasts will find interesting. We talk about the 40+ year history of David’s Fine Tobaccos, what’s changed over that time, and…

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David’s Fine Tobaccos

OVERVIEW ADDRESS:   9759 University Avenue Clive, IowaPHONE #:   (515) 278-8701 HOURS:   Monday – Thursday 10AM-8PM                  Friday & Saturday 10AM-9PM                  Sunday 12PM-6PM BOOZE AVAILABLE:   NDRINKS AVAILABLE:   Coffee, water, soda (water and soda are for sale)FOOD AVAILABLE:   Snacks (for sale) SPECIFICS SMOKING…

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