Pipe Tobacco Review: Rattray’s Exotic Orange Delivers Both Flavor and Aroma

Despite their image as what pipe tobacco is in popular culture, aromatic blends are among the most troublesome and divisive categories of blends. The primary issue is the inconsistency between smell and taste. These tobaccos smell rich and sweet, infused with the aromas of confectionery. But for most smokers, in most pipes, most aromatics taste…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: ‘Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose’ Has Terrific Packaging But Awful Flavor

For his sixth review at Michael goes over a holiday themed blend, C&D’s Corncob Pipe and Button Nose. Originally released just for the 2016 season, it found such a good reception that it has now become a perennial blend. Michael gives an overview of the tobacco, describes the leaf quality and moisture, waxes lyrical…

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