Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Engine #99 Could Be the Best Smoky Bulk Blend Ever

Every year, without fail, when winter is at its nadir, I crave smoke —smoky scotches and smoky tobaccos in particular. While there are several entry level scotches which deliver the heavy peaty smoke I crave, I am still on the search for something that reaches the smoky heights of the ever elusive Penzance but at…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: ‘Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose’ Has Terrific Packaging But Awful Flavor

For his sixth review at simplystogies.com Michael goes over a holiday themed blend, C&D’s Corncob Pipe and Button Nose. Originally released just for the 2016 season, it found such a good reception that it has now become a perennial blend. Michael gives an overview of the tobacco, describes the leaf quality and moisture, waxes lyrical…

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