Cornell and Diehl’s Innismouth

In the last decade HP Lovecraft has had a revival. Once relegated to the black fingernail polish set, now even your mom and maybe your baby is passingly familiar with Cthulhu and the concept of the Eldritch horror. And maybe why the person behind the expansive literary exploration of dread is not to be celebrated….

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Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Engine #99 Could Be the Best Smoky Bulk Blend Ever

Every year, without fail, when winter is at its nadir, I crave smoke —smoky scotches and smoky tobaccos in particular. While there are several entry level scotches which deliver the heavy peaty smoke I crave, I am still on the search for something that reaches the smoky heights of the ever elusive Penzance but at…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: ‘Corn Cob Pipe and a Button Nose’ Has Terrific Packaging But Awful Flavor

For his sixth review at simplystogies.com Michael goes over a holiday themed blend, C&D’s Corncob Pipe and Button Nose. Originally released just for the 2016 season, it found such a good reception that it has now become a perennial blend. Michael gives an overview of the tobacco, describes the leaf quality and moisture, waxes lyrical…

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