Omaha Cigar Co. Blends a Cozy Lounge Experience With Great House Sticks

Tucked away in a nondescript strip mall on the southeast side of Omaha, the Omaha Cigar Company sits in-between a dry cleaning business and a Korean food restaurant. The small storefront and lack of an eye-catching sign, it’s the kind of cigar lounge that you might pass by and not think twice about. But should you?

To the uninitiated it may seem small and out of the way; but for those in the know, Omaha Cigar Company has a 20 year history in the cigar scene in Omaha, Nebraska and offers a unique experience that is highlighted by their wide variety of house blend cigars.


ADDRESS:   5038 S 108th St, Omaha, Nebraska
PHONE #:   (402) 592-1664

HOURS:   Sunday – Closed
                 Monday – Friday 10AM-7PM
                 Saturday 10AM-5PM









  • Their walk-in humidor is reserved for only their house blend cigars.
  • The lounge has gone through several ownership changes in the last 20yrs.
  • They spray some of their house blends with brandy, cognac, etc…and they are some of their best sellers!
  • On a Thursday afternoon, in the middle of a work day, they were extremely busy.
  • Have of their house blends are manufactured for them by Oliva.


I used Google Maps to find my way to Omaha Cigar Company from my hotel. Without a GPS guiding me, I would have easily passed the location and never known. Being in a small strip mall does not do the business any favors. It seems small and unassuming from the outside. However, it is large enough to accommodate two lounge areas with more than enough seating, several televisions, a cabinet humidor, a large space for accessories, and a walk-in humidor.


This is a tough area to judge for Omaha Cigar Company. While their selection of mainstream cigars is small by any standard, their selection of house blends is staggering. In fact, this is what they are known for. They have a myriad of different options in their walk-in humidor: connecticuts in almost every vitola imaginable (including the massive Admiral…which was delicious), maduro wrappers, corojo, and cigars that have been sprayed with different liquors. I was surprised, given their unassuming location, just how many house blends they have. Half of their house blends are rolled for them by Oliva. In my personal experience, every house blend I had from them (I bought five) was nothing short of superb. I enjoyed every one and I can not wait to get back to get more.

They have a lone cabinet humidor that holds their mainstream selection. While small, they do have some favorites: Plasencia, Oscar, Oliva, and more. The focus of Omaha Cigar Company is on their house blends and it shows in their humidor selection.

This can be tricky to score, especially if you find yourself just taking the cigars home with you to smoke later. Fortunately, I was able to smoke one of the house blends during my visit. The cigar I smoked had no issues related being over or under humidified. With so many patrons going in and out of the walk-in humidor, I am pleased that my cigar was not over or under-humidified. With that experience in mind, and my subsequent conversations with the two of the employees, I can say to smoke with confidence at Omaha Cigar Company. 


If the location of the lounge deducts any points, the level of customer service and overall staff knowledge more than makes up for it. While I was there, the staff was friendly to everyone! The amount of “regulars” that walked through the door and were greeted by name was impressive. The staff greeted everyone, asked if they knew what they were looking for, and took the time to get to know the new customers. Sure, from a customer service aspect that should be expected, but it also goes to how knowledgeable the staff is. By getting to know each new customer , the staff was able to quickly and easily make recommendations that would ensure the customer would come back. 

The two gentlemen who were working there were more than generous with their time. We started a conversation that lasted the entirety of my visit, and we were joined by a regular who was just as knowledgeable and friendly. As someone who comes from a retail management background, this category is one that I pay special attention to. It is was no accident that this small lounge was so busy in the middle of a weekday.

This lounge is cozy, but comfortable. Having two separate lounge areas divided by the walk-in humidor, make the lounge seem more open and spacious than it might otherwise be. I have certainly been to smaller lounges, but what Omaha Cigar Company lacks in size, it makes up for in almost every other category. 

The ambiance found at Omaha Cigar Company is unique, cozy, friendly, and casual. A lot of smaller cigar lounge locations suffer from the amount of  regulars and a “why are you here?” attitude directed at newcomers. Not so at Omaha Cigar Company. They want you to come in and learn about the cigar culture. They are happy to initiate newcomers and get into the weeds with aficionados. They welcome the wife looking for a gift for their husband, the bride-to-be looking for cigar recommendations for her upcoming wedding reception, nobody podcasters looking to “talk shop,” and everyone in-between. It is a laid back and welcoming place that embraces the cigar as the great equalizer: Everyone from kings to street sweepers should be able to enjoy a cigar together. 


This is where I find myself a bit torn. While Omaha Cigar Company is known for their house blends, it would be nice to see a few more brands in their humidor. Their selection of house blends is large, but there are a lot of cigar smokers who may be leery of trying something new. That leaves a lot of revenue on the table. That said, Omaha Cigar Company has found a niche within the niche. Their wide selection of house blends include something for every palate. 

My experience was nothing less than superb. Is this what I think of when I think of a cigar lounge? No. Is that a bad thing? Again, no. Omaha Cigar Company does something that not a lot of other lounges I have visited do, and that is make every customer feel welcomed and valued. They listen to the customer and do their best to get to know them. They value each interaction, promote the culture, and do their very best to be a welcoming place to everyone.

3.00 / 3.00 … Customer Service/Staff Knowledge
2.50 / 3.00 … Selection/Humidor Size/Humidor Maintenance
3.00 / 3.50 … Ambiance
0.45 / 0.50 … Lounge Size



Omaha Cigar Company is, so far, unmatched in customer service. In all of my travels to date, it may be one of only two other cigar lounges that feel welcoming to everyone. There were more than a few “new” cigar smokers that came in looking to try a cigar for the first time. Both employees took the time to ask great questions, put them at ease, and help them find something that would give them the best chance of staying in the hobby. They were both knowledgeable about the industry, about what goes into making a cigar, and were very friendly and welcoming. Omaha Cigar Company has a level of service and knowledge that has kept them in business for 20 years and will keep them in business for 20 more.


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