Balkan Pipe Tobacco

5 Rare Pipe Tobaccos Worth Smoking

Introduction In every hobby, once one gets past the basics and decides it’s worth pursuing, you look beyond the everyday and towards the upper echelon, where the promise of quality and a unique experience creates a demand that far outstrips supply. Those even passingly familiar with bourbon have heard of Pappy Van Winkle. In the…

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Presbyterian Mixture

OVERVIEW BULK or TIN:   Tin SIZE:   50 g ORIGIN:    Virginia – United States Oriental – Macedonia Latakia – Cyprus BLENDING HOUSE/PRODUCER:   Planta BLENDING COMPONENTS:   Virginia, Oriental, Latakia STRENGTH:   4/7 SOURCE:   Smoking Pipes ENVIRONMENT WHERE:   Central Pennsylvania Backyard WHEN:   June-July 2020 DRINKS:   Filtered water WEATHER:   Hot, 80s-90s WHAT’S ON:   The mewling of catbirds PRODUCTION RELEASE…

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