Foundation Cigars

Top 10 Boutique Cigar Companies You Must Try

What is a boutique cigar? That question has been asked by aficionados and enthusiasts for years causing much debate within the community. Definitions of what makes a cigar brand boutique include: Brands who do not own their own factory, brands who only produce lines in small batches, and even cigars manufactured in a small factory….

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Episode 14: AMA w/Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigars

I get the opportunity to sit down and chat with Nick Melillo, master blender, and founder of Foundation Cigars for a AMA/Virtual Cut & Light via Zoom Meeting. We had a fantastic conversation about Nick’s cigar journey, how he got started, what he’s learned, and where he’s going. We discussed a slew of topics…

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Episode 6: Tabernacle Havana Seed Review

I interview a moderator for and a cigar reviewer at, Mike. Mike walks us through his process of reviewing a cigar: from the pre-cut ritual, to the cut and light, to writing his review. Thank you to Mike for taking the time, on his birthday, to sit down and give us some insight…

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