Pete Johnson

Cigar Review: Tatuaje Series P is Mixed Filler and All Killer

Since I wrote my first budget cigar review, I’ve smoked a lot of inexpensive sticks. I had planned on making a La Vieja Havana Maduro or a La Aurora Connecticut my next review, but I just didn’t have enough to say about either of those cigars. They’re fine. Mild flavor profiles and low priced, so…

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L’Atelier Cote d’Or 2017 L.E.

OVERVIEW VITOLA:   [vitola name] SIZE:   [##” x ##] ORIGIN:   [country of origin] FACTORY:   [factory] WRAPPER:   [wrapper] BINDER:   [binder] FILLER:   [filler] STRENGTH:   [strength] SOURCE: [source] ENVIRONMENT WHERE: [location] WHEN: [date/time] DRINKS: [bev] WEATHER: [weather] WHAT’S ON: [what’s on] PRODUCTION RELEASE TYPE  [release type] ORIGINALLY RELEASE DATE  [OR release date] TOTAL PRODUCTION Typical Box Size:     Boxes of [##] Production…

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Episode 18: An Afternoon Chat with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars

During an AMA/Virtual Cut&Light for with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars, I get an opportunity to have a three hour conversation with Pete. We talk about everything from his cigar journey starting in a strip club, to how he looks at the FDA’s overregulation, and everything in between. Pete was generous with his time…

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