Wessex Virginia

Pipe Tobacco Review: Wessex Brigade Original Scores High for Malty, Salty Sweetness

Every spring and every autumn I get a yen for apple-flavored tobaccos. Something about the crisp fruity taste matches the mood and weather just right. However I’ve yet to find an apple-flavored tobacco  that doesn’t taste synthetic. But so far I’ve liked every Wessex I’ve had. Wessex is a small subbrand from Kohlhase and Kopp…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: Wessex Gold Slice

Wessex Gold Slice is the subject of Michael’s third pipe tobacco review on simplystogies.com. Gold Slice is a straight Virginia flake with no discernable or advertised added flavoring. Like most straight Virginias, this Flake is designed for the experienced pipe smoker, requiring a mature palate to fully appreciate the nuances, and the mechanical expertise to…

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