Michael Gouge

Pipe Tobacco Review: Wessex Gold Slice

Wessex Gold Slice is the subject of Michael’s third pipe tobacco review on simplystogies.com. Gold Slice is a straight Virginia flake with no discernable or advertised added flavoring. Like most straight Virginias, this Flake is designed for the experienced pipe smoker, requiring a mature palate to fully appreciate the nuances, and the mechanical expertise to…

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Peterson University Flake Pipe Tobacco Review

INTRODUCTION In this pipe tobacco review, we’ll be reviewing Peterson University Flake. This a classic tobacco blend of Virginia and Burley, treated with a famed plum topping, pressed into a plug, then sliced into neat, attractive, flakes. Intriguingly, University Flake is a deeply aromatic pipe tobacco but based upon high quality leaf instead of flavorless…

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Presbyterian Mixture

OVERVIEW BULK or TIN:   Tin SIZE:   50 g ORIGIN: Virginia – United States Oriental – Macedonia Latakia – Cyprus BLENDING HOUSE/PRODUCER:   Planta BLENDING COMPONENTS:   Virginia, Oriental, Latakia STRENGTH:   4/7 SOURCE:   Smoking Pipes ENVIRONMENT WHERE: Central Pennsylvania Backyard WHEN: June-July 2020 DRINKS: Filtered water WEATHER: Hot, 80s-90s WHAT’S ON: The mewling of catbirds PRODUCTION RELEASE TYPE…

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