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Pipe Tobacco Review: C&D Engine #99 Could Be the Best Smoky Bulk Blend Ever

Every year, without fail, when winter is at its nadir, I crave smoke —smoky scotches and smoky tobaccos in particular. While there are several entry level scotches which deliver the heavy peaty smoke I crave, I am still on the search for something that reaches the smoky heights of the ever elusive Penzance but at…

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Pipe Tobacco Review: McClelland Frog Morton Is a Rich, Flavorful Smoke

In his fourth review for Simply Stogies, Michael reviews McClelland’s Frog Morton. Sadly, like all of McClelland’s blends, this has been discontinued. However, the original Frog Morton, also known as ‘Frog on a log’ due to the tin art is among the most accessible of the McClelland tins in the pipe tobacco consignment market, likely…

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