Bulk pipe tobacco

These Bulk Pipe Tobaccos Are Great for Aging in the Cellar

Introduction For the committed pipe smoker, one of the goals is a well-stocked tobacco cellar. Depending on the smoker’s means and rate of smoking this can be a handful of blends — or hundreds of jars, tins, and mylar bags reaching into the hundreds of pounds. No matter where along this spectrum you might fall,…

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Peter Stokkebye PS 41 Cube Cut

Peter Stokkebye PS 41 Cube Cut is an old fashioned burley forward bulk offering. Cube cut is made by heating then pressing Virginia and Burley in the Cavendish process. This yields a hard plug that is then chopped into hard, dense little nuggets. Michael gives a brief overview of PS 41, its production, and components….

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Pipe Tobacco Review: Lane HGL Is an Aromatic Blend With a Small Sweet Spot

For his fifth review at simplystogies.com Michael goes over a classic crossover blend, also known as Aromatic-English, Lane HGL. A crossover blend is part aromatic, part English mixture, perfect for someone who loves the smoky-leather notes but wants to keep their friends around while they enjoy their pipe. These can be an easy introduction into…

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